Uganda Counselling Association

Quality Professional Counselling Training and Practice in Uganda.

What we do

Counselling is a fast growing practice in Uganda with over 20 institutions offering training programs at different levels 


Empowerment through reinforcing  autonomy and self-determination


We do professional Consulting for counselling services in Uganda


We are the premier licensing body for professional counselors in Uganda   


Are you a professional counselor ? We accredit all counseling Practices in Uganda.


We have a critical role to play in supporting and publicising the growing research base for counselling. Research helps us to show that counselling changes lives, providing evidence for the range of issues where therapy can be effective and the positive outcomes for clients


Uganda Counselling Association was established in 2002 as an organisation that brings together professional counselors and all others who use counselling in their work .I was registered with the NGO board of Uganda in 2004.

Promoting ethical counselling practice.

Ethical practice is central to a counselling professional's work. We're committed to promoting ethical practice by developing evidence-based training standards, providing resources to support our members' ethical practice standards, and providing quality assurance to courses, services and individual practitioners through our accreditation schemes.

Would you like register as a practicing counselor ?

The Uganda Counselling Association of Professional Counselors credentials counselors at two levels. Once you have completed all requirements, including post-masters supervised practice, you will become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).