What we do

We advocate the role and relevance of the practice of the counselling professions in improving psychological wellbeing and mental health, and promoting social justice in our contemporary and diverse communities .We provide the following services ;


Empowerment through reinforcing  autonomy and self-determination


We do professional Consulting for counselling services in Uganda


We are the premier licensing body for professional counselors in Uganda   


Are you a professional counselor ? We accredit all counseling Practices in Uganda.


We prepare the next generation of professional counselors, supervisors, counselor educators through effective supervision.


We do publish engaging materials on counselling as a profession ranging from Journals,Media articles and more


Our research work spans a great number of areas but mainly family ,EMDR,psychotherapy among other domains.

Capacity Building

Capacity-building goes beyond training and the attainment of skills. It includes : Strengthening of organizations and establishing supporting linkages and networks

We are leaders of counselors in uganda

Are you looking for counselling services in Uganda ?

Would you like register as a practicing counselor ?

The Uganda Counselling Association of Professional Counselors credentials counselors at two levels. Once you have completed all requirements, including post-masters supervised practice, you will become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).