Who we are


Uganda Counselling Association was established in 2002 as an organisation that brings together professional counselors and all others who use counselling in their work .It was registered with the NGO Board in 2004.


Quality professional counselling  training  and practice in Uganda.


Uganda Counselors Association seeks to promote ethical and competent  counselling through regulating the counselling training and practice ,and providing a forum for networking and development of professional counselling.

Some Uganda Counselling Association Members
Uganda Counselling Members After the Annual Conference 2018
At UCA we are leaders of Counselors in Uganda

Our Objectives

Ethical Standardisation Of Counselling

To ensure high level competence ,holistic services,ethical standards,standardization and regulation of counselling the counselling practice country wide.

Provide an avenue For Learning

To Provide an avenue for learning ,recognition ,acquisition of professional qualifications in counselling,independence or self governance and professional exposure .

Would you like to talk to a counselor

At the Uganda counselling Association we are professionals counselors who love what we do .We are here for  Group and Individual Counseling,marriage and relationship counselling  and much more..